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Apple jam

Apple Jam Recipe | How to make apple jam without preservatives

Jam are usually made from pulp and juice from one fruit or combination of several fruits. There are different varieties of jams available in market like apricot jam, peach jam plum jam, mixed fruit jam, Apple Jam etc. Today I am sharing homemade apple jam recipe. I have not used any preservatives so its very […]

Gajar Gobhi ka Achaar

There are variety of pickles made during the winter season, one of them is Gajar Gobhi ka achaar. This pickle is prepared in different ways. The recipe that I am sharing today is I have learned from my mother.

Mixed Fruit Jam Recipe

Mixed fruit jam refers to a combination of fruits that have been prepared and canned for  long term storage. There are various types of mixed fruits jam globally. The common fruits that are used in mixed fruit jam are apple, papaya, orange, chiku, pineapple etc.  Ingredients : 500 gms Apple 250 gms Papaya 250 gms Grapes

Plum Jam

Ingredients : 450 gms Plum (aloobukhara) 450 gms Sugar 1/4 tsp Citric Acid

Sweet Grated Mango Pickle

Here I am sharing one more pickle recipe. This sweet mango pickle is easy and simple to make without any oil. Store refrigerated, this would last up to one year. Ingredients : 1 Kg Raw Mango 750 gms Sugar 1 tbsp Roasted Cumin powder

Recipe for : Spicy Mango Pickle

Here is a recipe for spicy mango pickle. If you are a pickle lover, you are going to love this pickle. Ingredients:  2 Kg Mango  3 teaspoon Methidana(Fenugreek seeds) roasted and crushed into powder  4 teaspoon Chilli powder  6 teaspoon Mustard powder  6 teaspoon Fennel seeds(Saunf)